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Kit bracci lunghi anteriori in alluminio Blu x Tamiya WR02-WR02G e GF01 Yeah Racing Stampa

Add stability to your WR02 WR02G or GF01 with this set of long span arms. As the suspension leverage points are increased, it allows the suspension to work more thus improving grip.

- For: For WR02 WR02G GF01 fitted with TAWR-S01
- Material: Aluminum
- Color: Blue

- Aluminum Long-Span Front Suspension Arms (2pcs)
- Suspension pins (4pcs)
- Spacers (6pcs)
- Screws (10pcs)
- Ball Studs (2pcs)

 Prezzo consigliato al pubblico 24.00 euro

Tappo differenziale in Ottone da 65 g x Traxxas TRX-4 Yeah Racing Stampa

Brass diff cover to better protect the differential and adds weight to the axle for you to get more grip out of your tires!

- For: Traxxas TRX-4
- Material: Brass
- Color: Brass


- Brass Diff Cover (1 pc)
- Screws (4 pcs)

Prezzo consigliato al pubblico 49.90 euro

1/10 Scale RC Rock Crawler Winch Yeah Racing Stampa

Powerful crawler winch for all 1/10 Crawlers! Comes with high strength nylon wire in a stealthy black color to ensure you are able to winch other crawlers out of situations where they become stuck.

- For: 1/10 Crawler
- Material: Plastic Case
- Color: Black

- Scale RC Rock Crawler Winch (1 pc)
- Sticker Sheet (1 pc)

 Prezzo consigliato al pubblico 39.90 euro

Aluminum Body Mounting Hole Reamer 0-14 mm Orange Yeah Racing Stampa

Open body mount holes with ease with this steel tip body reamer with an aluminum handle whilst giving you a good grip and keeping the weight down whilst carrying it around. Open holes up to 14mm big with this reamer!

- For: Body Mounting
- Material: Aluminum
- Color: Orange

- Aluminum Body Mounting Hole Reamer (1 pc)

 Prezzo consigliato al pubblico 19.90 euro

Carrozzeria Toyota Land Cruiser 70 in ABS Kit Killer Body Stampa

 Scale: 1:10
Long Wheelbase: 313 mm
Width: 197 mm



Prezzo consigliato al pubblico 99.00 euro

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